Create a Stunning Outdoor Space

Landscaping services in Star, ID can transform your property

Picture this: you walk outside of your home and into a lush paradise, filled with plants and beautiful concrete features. This can be your yard when you hire Top of the Mountain Construction LLC for landscaping services. After 30 years of design, layout and construction experience with over 1,000 projects completed, we know the ins and outs of commercial and home landscaping. You can call on us for new construction and redesign projects in Star, Idaho or the surrounding Treasure Valley areas.

Our commercial landscapers have not only worked for some of the highest reputation builders in the Treasure Valley area but have also worked out of state on many projects. You and your build team can sit down with us to go over your project, design it on our system or price out your approved design. Don't settle for an average outdoor space. Consult a team of commercial landscapers from Top of the Mountain Construction today. We serve Star, Idaho and the surrounding Treasure Valley area.

3 great ways to improve your outdoor space

3 great ways to improve your outdoor space

Do you want to transform your landscape but aren’t sure where to start? Here are some of our favorite landscape design ideas:

  1. Install a colorful flowerbed in your front yard
  2. Line your driveway in appealing bushes
  3. Add shade to your deck by planting trees

Our landscaping services can take any space from boring to brilliant. Start planning your landscaping project now by calling 208-477-9307.